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Episode 95 - November 29, 2022

Alex Gavic


Alex Gavic is a photographer, adventurer and splitboard mountaineer. 


  • Discovered his love for photography over 15 years ago while skateboarding around with his friends

  • Skating evolved into snowboarding, and as an athlete, he started finding himself in front of the lens as much as behind it

  • His content drew a huge social media following, bringing many people to remote and beautiful places they could not reach on their own


For the past 10 years, Alex has been venturing into the powder filled peaks of the Western United States and sharing videos of his wild adventures. And people loved it! He developed a huge social media following of over 300k followers, between Instagram and Tiktok. His own story has unfolded into a life of chasing summits, the beauty of nature, and life. His search for the soul has fed ours. We hope you enjoy.

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