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Episode 84 - January 11, 2022

Blake Keogh


Dark Starts backcountry splitboarding podcast presents ski guide ski guide & Protect Our Winters ambassador Blake Keogh.


  • Grew up skiing and getting after everything outdoors in New England

  • Moved to Seattle and found trusted friends and mentors who introduced him to the beautiful backcountry of the northern Cascades

  • After moving back east in 2010, he started teaching AIARE courses and ski guiding in the White Mountains


Since we already share skin tracks and tours with skiers, it only felt right to have another one on the show. Backcountry is backcountry after all. We enjoyed chatting with Blake about training, riding and guiding. The community welcomed him with open arms, and now he gives back by teaching courses, supporting environmental sustainability and educating all of us on staying safe in our own objectives.

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