Elevated Surfcraft

Snowboards Shaped for High Altitude Surfing.

With the proclaimed death of snowboarding by the industry in 2015 we set off in search of a way to revive the stoke! From a basement tune shop under a brewery - armed with a router and an handmade press - homegrown shaper Aaron Sababba began pulling templates from every era of snowboarding and wave surfing in search of optimal performance for the American snow rider looking for efficient and dynamical movement across the terrain in order to enhance progression in the mountains and snow conditions of the United States. 


These experiments quickly led to a reinterpretation of riding style. Seeing the mountain as extended waves; rights and lefts - drops, sections, barrels, shoulders, and closeouts. In surfing, each shape of the quiver has a unique fit to the wave and the rider’s style of approach. The aim is to stay in the pocket, hold the trim line, carve a cutback and continue at the pace of the wave. From ankle high low angle groomers to double overhead black diamond faces, the equation is simple: more time in the pocket = greater focus in the flow state = higher degrees of stoke.  


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