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Hampus 4

Episode 74 - October 26, 2021

Hampus Cedarholm


Dark Starts backcountry splitboarding podcast presents Hampus Cederholm, owner and co-founder of Furberg snowboards.

  • Southern Sweden native who fell in love with snowboarding on trips to the Alps, then started to spend more time in Austria and Switzerland.

  • Connected with Daniel Furberg, who was developing and selling prototypes to manufacturers. 

  • Continued working with Daniel and they decided to manufacture their own boards and created Furberg Snowboards.


Let’s get ready to geek out on board design, side cuts and more! Hampus takes us deep into how different shapes change the way a board rides, and how they discovered Floorboard Technology which eliminates movement between the board halves. Now if that’s not enough, Furberg also announces a board giveaway contest and a brand new product hitting the market this season! You can thank us later.

Hampus Intro
What came first for Furberg
Alpine shred
Why is sidecut important
Through darkness
Sunset rip
What is Floorboard Technology
Alpine drone
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