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Episode 85 - January 18, 2022

Isaac Laredo


Splitboard Guide Issac Lerado from Truckee California educates Chad & Darrin.


  • Grew up in New Mexico, shredding the local hills and dunes, until Johnny Tsunami turned introduced him to the snow surfing lifestyle

  • Snowboard summer camp in Tahoe led him to pursue an Outward Bound Degree at Sierra Nevada College

  • Sharing his knowledge with his friends inspired him to continue his education and create new experiences for others as a guide


Tune in as Isaac guides us through his own path, what he learned along the way on his journey to becoming a guide and how he uses his knowledge to make decisions, manage risk and keep everyone safe. As an avid user of gear, he reviews the products he enjoys using in the backcountry and shares what he knows works best. We learned a lot and hope you will too!

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