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Episode 63 - June 15, 2021

Megan Pischke

And now for something completely different! We’ve been spending a lot of time running down gear and snowpack, so now we want to take a minute to reconnect. We asked an expert to talk with us about getting our zen on in the backcountry, getting grounded and living our best lives. Tune in and get inspired! 


Megan Pischke is influencing others for a higher purpose. She’s now the Wellness + Community Director of Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC). As a former professional snowboarder, breast cancer thriver, and mother of two, she brings in first-hand knowledge and experience to be an empowered activist for Integrative healing for women managing a breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, and aftercare. Her ideas around wellness transcend beyond what you can ‘do’ for yourself, with ‘what we can be and achieve together’ within our communities. Her passions are surfing, shredding pow, foods, and sharing her love of being outside with her kids and husband DCP.

Daily MeditationPat St. Louis
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Megan wears many hats
Megan killing it
Megan deep in pow
Megan dropping in
Megan crushing powder
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