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Getting by with a little help from our friends.
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Somewear is a satellite communications solution designed for our increasingly digital world. With a lightweight satellite hotspot and beautifully designed software, Somewear gives people access to digital tools anywhere in the world. We work to keep people safe and effective even in the most remote corners of the world. Whether you’re heading out on a trek or deploying overseas, we’re here to support you anywhere on earth.

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You are only getting busier, and who has the time to think about what whole foods to buy, let alone prepare them. Many of us want to eat healthier, but we are not sure what foods to eat.

We not only want to provide you with highly nutritious and great tasting products; we also want to save you time and money.

Let SANS meet your needs with great tasting, nutritious products delivered to your door, for under $3.00 per meal.

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Waxes, tuning products and accessories for snowboard, alpine and nordic skis. Family owned and operated offering worldwide shipping. 

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Go beyond snowboarding with an Elevated Surfcraft board. Each shape has been precisely translated from a surfboard. Our quiver aims to facilitate a variety of riding styles in accordance with the terrain and conditions.

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The Grill Mount is a heat moldable GoPro mouth mount that captures incredibly stable footage hands-free. It's designed for more than surfing - it's also a pocket-sized GoPro tripod, mini GoPro handgrip, wall mount, bottle mount, hook mount & clamp mount.

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Buy you Cardiff gear here and support the show!

Cardiff Snowcraft started because an architect-snowboarder imagined better splitboard equipment for his home zone, the deep cirque of Cardiff Fork in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. His passion led to sketches, sketches grew into digital models, digital models became tangible prototypes, prototypes led to innovation. Innovation is what we now ride. Independent thinking, creative problem-solving and unparalleled performance is found in each of our splitboards and snowboards.

What began initially as a hobby for a small group of friends has emerged as Prince George's newest micro-brewery. After years of preparation, Trench Brewing started brewing in early 2018 and opened its own tasting room. Now established and continually expanding you can get Trench brews throughout Northern BC via draft and packaged cans.


Check out our website to find out where you can find Trench products or ship them to your door!

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Here at S3, we are all riders who live for the next day on in the mountains, next night at the skate park, or next long weekend at the lake. Our staff are passionate about the industry we work in and will make sure that you get the best gear for your needs and the best price GUARANTEED!

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