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Episode 72 - October 12, 2021

Ryan Hudson

Dark Starts backcountry splitboarding podcast presents pro snowboarder, Ryan Hudson.


  • Started as a kid living in the shelter system, eventually discovered skateboarding to get around San Diego.

  • Got an opportunity to try snowboarding on a shelter trip, picked it up really quickly and moved to Alta, UT to pursue his snowboard addiction.

  • Through his mentor, he made connections that turned into sponsors and now stars in snowboard movies and shreds at FWT competitions. 


Ryan has an amazing story to share. He started with nothing and all of the cards stacked against him. Luckily, he found a mentor that changed his life for the better, having come from a similar background himself. Now he’s made a name for himself in the community and is inspiring others to go after it too. His story will inspire you too, enjoy!

Ryan Hudson Intro
Backcountry shred
Powder run
No friend of mine
Ryan's favourite things
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