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Episode 89 - February 15, 2022

Shawna Paoli


Sponsored Athlete Shawna Paoli talks about health, life and lines with Chad & Darrin.


  • She got a surprise gift of a snowboard and some racing advice from her dad, which she kept near to her heart long after he was gone

  • She went on to win her division at Mt. Baker’s Legendary Banked Slalom competition and has placed 7th overall in the women’s pro division

  • Proud to have the first female split board descent in “The Goddess” - a 4,000 foot chute in the Bitterroot mountains

  • She won the “Live Like Liz Jones” adventure grant and completed a human powered bike to split board summit and descent of Komo Kulshan (Mt. Baker) on the Coleman-Deming route


Shawna had some amazing stories to share with us. From her introduction to snowboarding, to her traumatic events early in life and how the powder became her calling, we were captivated the entire time! We learned so much from her about wellness, competing, winter camping and more that we had to listen twice. Enjoy!

Powsurfing joy
Couloir run
Fluffy pillows
Woo hoo hoo!
Natural halfpipe
Funky drop
Wide open carving
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