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Episode 94 - November 22, 2022

Stratton Matteson


Stratton dedicates his time in the backcountry to raising awareness of the impact of carbon emissions and the effect of increased human traffic in the alpine wilderness along the Pacific coast. 


  • Based in Bend, Oregon and calls the Cascades Volcanoes his home range

  • Snowboards without the assistance of any fossil fuel vehicles, using only his bike and splitboard to ride mountains

  • Spends 8 months of the year riding full time and creating video projects documenting his journeys


In this episode, we discuss how he arrived at splitboarding, the friends he made along the way, and his constant dedication to the bike-to-board movement with his film Shift and constant short format video series on social networks. In his adventures, he hopes to inspire and promote a different way to access the mountains we love. 

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