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Episode 91 - March 1, 2022

Will Kovacic


Guide and Athlete Will Kovacic talks foot powered filming and backcountry safety with Chad & Darrin.


  • William, aka Big Willy, is a 26 year old guide, sponsored rider and filmmaker out of Whistler, British Columbia

  • Big Mountain Media is shredding big lines and sharing their missions on YouTube, check it out: 

  • Works a variety of guiding jobs that keep him exploring the best of the Canadian Rockies


Big Wills is out there getting it hard. His film crew is now making foot-powered backcountry films, and he shares some wild stories that happened during the making of their latest release; Into The Tantalus. As a guide, he knows what to pack and what to look for to make sure everyone gets home safe. We learned a lot from Will and hope you do too!

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Spine line #1
Frontside 720
Spine line #2
Backside 720
Spine line #3
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