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Episode 97 - December 13, 2022

McKinley Talty


McKinley grew up on the icy hills of New York, learning to ride in the Catskill Mountains. He made his way west in 2013 and began exploring the snow-filled mountains around Utah, Montana, and Colorado. His love of backcountry riding brought him to the Snow Science program at Montana State University, where he studied the applications of geographic information systems in identifying avalanche exposure. Since leaving Montana, McKinley now works for the Utah Avalanche Center as the Know Before You Go Avalanche Awareness Coordinator in addition to being a ski/splitboard/snowmobile guide at Monument Snowcat Skiing in Eden, UT. When he’s not on his splitboard, you can find Mack on his mountain bike, casting his fly rod, or exploring new areas for when the snow finally falls.

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