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Episode 71 - September 29, 2021

Alenka Mali

Dark Starts backcountry splitboarding podcast presents freeride snowboarder, splitboarder & photographer Alenka Mali.


  • Her parents were rock climbers that showed her the ropes, inspiring a deep love for the mountains.

  • Started ski touring in Europe at 10 years old with her dad, who was an International Mountain Guide.

  • Switched to snowboarding at 14 and became a B.C. park punk, until she picked up a camera and started her multi-media empire.


Alenka got off to a great start in life, being introduced to the mountains early by her parents who had a passion and a deep respect for the backcountry. She shares with us all of the great nuggets of wisdom that she learned from them, as well as what it takes to scope the perfect line and stay safe in the mountains.

Alenka Intro
Couloir run
I walk the line
Sled rip
Para surfing
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